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ISO 9001 is seen as a gateway to new business due to it being so often stipulated within public sector contracts and private sector supply chains. Through certification, it allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to demonstrate quality credentials. In our infographic below, we introduce the most important facts and numbers associated with the standard.

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ISO 9001 infographic - Facts behind the quality management standard

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  • 1987
    The year ISO 9001 was first published, by the Switzerland based International Organization for Standarization.
  • 2015
    An updated, more relevant revision of the standard is due in 2015
  • 8
    Quality management principles express the essential concepts used in ISO 9001. They focus on the likes of customer focus, involvement and continual improvement.
  • 1,111,698
    There are over 1,111,698 organisations certified to ISO 9001
  • -1%
    The decrease in certificates 2010 and 2011.
  • 328,213
    China has the most certificates (30%), followed by Italy and Japan
  • 49,540
    Germany has more certificates per capita than any other country
  • 55%
    55% cite enhanced business prospects
  • 49%
    49% cite improved internal processes
  • 25%
    25% cite improved profile or credibility
  • 96%
    Would recommend ISO 9001 certification to other organisations
  • 10%
    The percentage of additional employees needed in ISO 9001 certified organisations, due to the turnover increase
  • 95%
    The percentage who cited internal benefits such as employee involvement, operational efficiency and cost reduction since becoming ISO 9001 certified