ISO 9001 Knowledge & Awareness

The online course that raises Knowledge & Awareness of ISO 9001

Learning outcomes
  • About ISO and ISO 9001
  • Benefits of certification
  • How ISO 9001 will affect your team
Welcome to ISO 9001 Knowledge & Awareness

This course is designed to be rolled out across an organisation post-Certification to make it clear to staff what ISO is and how certification will benefit them. The course explains how ISO works, how it benefits the company and the employee, all in a clear way that all of your team can understand.

£29 +VAT

30 second course preview

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is a system for managing the quality of a business. It’s ISO’s most popular standard and has been implemented by over one million companies worldwide.

What should I expect from the course?

The course will take 10-20 minutes. If you want ypur team to understand what ISO 9001 is and how it will affect their job, this is the course for you.

Upon completion, your team will have a beginners’ understanding of ISO 9001 and why it’s the world’s most popular ISO Certification.