Base Interiors

  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Demonstrates professional processes are in place
  • Enables accurate monitoring of the business
  • Boosted efficiency and productivity

“Initially the British Assessment Bureau were competitive, but it soon became apparent that they are a market leader in their industry. We’ve felt that we’ve been in safe hands throughout the certification process with them.”

The Challenge

Like many businesses, it was external pressure that originally encouraged Base Interiors to look into obtaining ISO and OHSAS certification. Base’s Company Secretary, Emily Haggin, was responsible for implementing the standards, and explained why these standards are necessary to the business:

“As a Contractor, we must have these standards [ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001] to demonstrate that we are a professional organisation capable of taking on work. It also reflects that we are serious about our business.”

Base realised that gaining certified would save them both time and effort, as well as enabling them to retain valued customers and appeal to potential new clients.

The Solution

Emily looked at a number of UKAS accredited Certification Bodies before settling on the British Assessment Bureau (BAB) due to the price and service combined.

“Initially BAB were competitive, but it soon became apparent that they are a market leader in their industry. They’ve been trading for a very long time, which speaks volumes about a company. We felt that we were in safe hands throughout the certification process with BAB.”

Base were new to ISO and OHSAS and were initially worried about the implementation of the standards, but quickly realised the benefits.

Emily commented on how after years of certification, it has become like second nature:

“When we initially set off on the certification journey, it was a daunting process and at times overwhelming. Now three years later, the whole process is much easier to understand and accomplish.”

As promised by the British Assessment Bureau – to each and every client – Base Interiors have had continual support from their dedicated Auditor.

“Our Auditor has helped to break things down and streamlined it so it was easier to understand. This helped us to go on and obtain certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.”

The Results

The British Assessment Bureau always strive to help businesses improve through their certification. In Base Interior’s case, Emily clarified what her highlight of the certification process was:

“The feedback provided is always constructive and beneficial where further improvements and developments can be made.”

Emily revealed a huge business benefit that Base Interiors continually experience as a result of implementing ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001;

“It is easier to fill in forms where we can tick boxes, avoiding the time consuming and in depth questionnaires.”

Base believe that going forward, their ISO and OHSAS certifications will only continue to add to the success of their business – as it has done since they were first recommended for certification by the British Assessment Bureau back in June 2013.

“This can only improve how clients and suppliers will view us and this can only be a positive step.”

About The British Assessment Bureau

Since 1969, we’ve been helping organisations stand out with our assessment and training services. Today, we are an award-winning Certification Body, we have certified thousands to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and OHSAS 18001 internationally recognised standards; achieving an average 99% recommendation rating.