Harries Planning Design & Management

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 9001 helps Harries stay one step ahead of competitors
  • The business is much more coherent and efficient
  • Employees are now aligned to the same core values
  • Now transitioning to latest version of ISO 9001

Harries Planning Design and Management provide a complete building design and project management service, taking projects from ideas to the delivery of beautifully-designed buildings, extensions and sympathetic renovations.

The Challenge

Harries Planning Design and Management consistently deliver builds and renovations to meet clients’ needs and aspirations, balanced with budgetary control, statutory compliance and functionality.

As such, implementing a Quality Management System was imperative to demonstrating their commitment to the quality of their service.

Elizabeth Prior, from Harries Panning Design and Management, who was responsible for the implementation of their Quality Management Standard, explained why having ISO 9001 was so important:

“It was important for us to have a head start over our competitors, and as such, we were interested in gaining certification in order to establish ourselves in the community as a company that works effectively to complement our professional capabilities.”

The Solution

Elizabeth commented on why she chose to work with the British Assessment Bureau for the ISO 9001 process:

“We were impressed with the testimonials given by existing customers of the British Assessment Bureau, and the range of high profile companies they’ve worked with. We were further reassured by the fact the company has been trading for so long, and have shown themselves to be market leaders in their field.”

She commented on the meetings with her dedicated Auditor and how the Audit Plan she received afterwards sped up the certification process:

“The Audits are always very useful, and a really good way of ensuring our Quality Management System is working effectively.

The Audit Plan helps to ensure we have everything prepared in advance allowing us to make the most of the time we have with the Auditor.”

Elizabeth has proven that by working diligently on implementing a Quality Management System, certification can be awarded in a matter of weeks.

“The ISO 9001 certification process was fairly methodical and straightforward. We were able to achieve the standard in just three months – which was much quicker than we could have anticipated at the beginning!”

The Results

By achieving certification to ISO 9001, Harries Planning Design and Management have been able to prove they don’t just talk the talk, but have a real commitment to the quality of the service they provide their customers – as verified by an independent and impartial third party.

“Since gaining certification we can promote the fact that we do run efficiently, which is a major selling point for us and helps to increase our customer base. Our feedback is always practical, constructive and relevant which assists us in refining our QMS and gives us an opportunity to build on it annually.”

Elizabeth finished off with some more of the business benefits Harries Planning Design and Management have experienced from implementing a Quality Management System through ISO 9001:

“Gaining ISO 9001 has resulted in our business becoming much more coherent and efficient. It means that all of our employees are aligned to the same core values, and our mechanisms for achieving these are now set out in a clear way – and are accessible to all!”

About The British Assessment Bureau

Since 1969, we’ve been helping organisations stand out with our assessment and training services. Today, we are an award-winning Certification Body, we have certified thousands to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and OHSAS 18001 internationally recognised standards; achieving an average 99% recommendation rating.