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ISO 9001:2015



“ISO 9001 certification is an excellent reference when we approach potential new customers.


H Foster specialise in stocking and distributing natural waxes and fatty acids. They pride themselves on putting customers first and endeavour to always provide the best products, on time and on budget.

As an existing ISO 9001 certified organisation, H Foster was already sold on the benefits that come with certification. Robert Williams, H Foster’s ISO Manager, explained why they were keen to transfer their certification to The British Assessment Bureau (BAB).


ISO 9001 is a proven business winner, helping organisations like H Foster demonstrate they deliver a high level of service. Robert explained how the BAB team made their certification transfer seamless from start to finish.

Most of our customers require us to have ISO 9001 certification in place, so it has a commercial benefit.


Like many of BAB’s clients, H Foster are required to maintain their ISO 9001 certification as a demonstration of their compliance to internationally recognised quality standards. Regular assessment by a third party provides the additional benefit of enabling organisations to continually improve and develop their processes to exceed customer requirements.

The transfer from our existing service provider was very straightforward and efficiently handled. All the British Assessment Bureau staff were friendly and helpful throughout the process.


With their ISO 9001 certification now successfully transferred to BAB, H Foster are now working towards transitioning to the latest version – ISO 9001:2015. Having adhered to the requirements of the standard for some time, H Foster understand the many benefits that come with certification and how it can appeal to customers and prospects alike. Robert concluded.


ISO 9001 is an excellent reference when we approach potential new customers.

By maintaining their ISO 9001 certification, H Foster are able to prove they don’t just ‘talk the talk’, but have a real commitment to the quality of service they provide to customers – as verified by an independent and impartial third party. A satisfied client, Robert confirmed that the highlight of the process was the level of service received from the BAB team.

The consistently good service from the helpful and friendly Head Office staff – by phone and email – made all the difference.

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