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SSL247 serves 15 European regions, selling SSL, Penetration Testing, digital signatures for email and applications, and related products and services.

Managing Director, Oliver Wilkinson decided ISO 27001 was something they needed to implement, as he explained;

“Externally it fitted with demonstrating our firm commitment to quality. Internally it gave us a framework for improving what we already did right and identifying where we could improve.”

Oliver went on to discuss why he was interested in ISO 27001 in particular;

“We have numerous industry awards but were keen to build on this. We knew that as well as external perception, we would reap rewards operationally too. Our industry and reputation is built on trust, and ISO 27001 demonstrates our commitment to practicing what we preach about internet security.”


ISO certification was new to SSL247, but Oliver explained that by following the implementation process closely, and staying actively involved, it quickly becomes controllable;

“There were some ‘rabbit in the headlights’ reactions initially, but being methodological soon turns this into a steady process. Our expectations were well founded; once we were in the learning curve rather than looking up at it – and with some input from BAB – it became manageable.”

Oliver and his team were quietly confident prior to their final audit to gain certification, which luckily was well founded after all their hard work;

“There were some nerves going into the audit process but that is probably natural; it probably reflects the work that has gone into it.”

BAB ensure dedicated Assessors have vast experience in the industries of the organisations they audit, and SSL247 were no exception, as Oliver continued;

“We’ve found the Assessor good at every stage, efficient and helpful rather than officious and daunting. They have seen enough to be practical and pragmatic, and it’s invaluable as a Director to hear an unbiased review of your management processes.”


The biggest highlight for SSL247 was finding out they successfully maintained their ISO 27001 certification at their first annual Surveillance Audit;

“Being told we’d met the standard a second time was the highlight of the process. In my opinion, that’s a bigger test than attaining it – especially as we’d had a change of key personnel between first and second assessments.”

Oliver concluded with the benefits he has seen since becoming ISO 27001 certified back in 2014;

“Directors have a little less to worry about, sales staff have something extra to demonstrate value and quality to customers and prospects, and the entire company has another common goal that everyone’s involved in. Hopefully there’s a positive for job security too – as everyone knows there’s a real commitment to the continuity of the business.”

Due to the successes ISO 27001 has brought SSL247, the team are now on track to also becoming ISO 9001:2015 certified, demonstrating their commitment to quality.

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