ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 27001



Continuity in the service Xerox provides is imperative, especially as they operate out of 3 Service Delivery Centres. As such, robust quality management, information security and environmental policies are of vital importance to Xerox and their client base.

Xerox’s Site Administrator, Simon Leather, explains the challenges the organisation faces, and how maintaining ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 helps them formalise processes;

“A challenge we face is that we have to work to a tight schedule, with the resource we have and the inevitable problems which can arise. ISO has helped us identify risk and mitigate against it. Ultimately, it helps us provide the best service possible to our customers.”


Simon’s department is part of the outsourcing strategy – their clients are quite simply anyone who wants to outsource their printing. He mentions why ISO certifications are so important;

“It is important for client confidence that we have ISO certification because it reassures them that when problems occur, there are processes and procedures in place to handle them. It shows that we have considered the risks associated with the work we do and that we are working to eliminate them.”

ISO 9001 (held since 2008) has helped Xerox demonstrate they deliver a consistent high level of service, while ISO 14001 (held since 2013) has helped them consider the impact their operations have on the environment. They are continually improving their environmental impact, introducing strict recycling schemes, and using significantly fewer mailers to reduce electricity use. Simon reveals how ISO 27001 (held since 2008) has impacted business operations;

“ISO 27001 has meant we have started a clear desk policy. We now only use encrypted USK keys and our firewalls are monitored much more closely.”

ISO not only benefits the business, but also helps the staff working on implementing the internationally recognised management systems, as Simon explains;

“I actually enjoy being audited! ISO was completely new for me, so I have had to learn the ins and outs of how it works – it’s really helped me develop within my role.”


After holding ISO certifications with the British Assessment Bureau for several years, Simon confirms that Xerox is committed to improving their processes;

“Even 8 years on, we are still striving for continuous improvement. We now have information trackers on our system which have enabled us to establish an auditable trail for all of our processes. The source of any problems can now quickly be found and corrected as a result.”

He continues to explain how implementing ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 has brought their different sites all up to the same standard;

“It’s great as we have 3 sites which all perform the same tasks, so we can seamlessly cover all of them through these management systems.”

Simon summarises how Xerox’s ISO standards have been key for winning new business and opening new doors;

“We are doing more and more mailing work for regional councils as well as organisations in the healthcare industry – but also for our wider client base, such as car rentals, retailers, financial services groups and more!”

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