BAB Learn provides an effective and efficient way to share knowledge, meet compliance requirements, implement systems and develop stakeholders within an organisation.

We cover a range of essential subjects and matters, such as GDPR, Environmental responsibilities and health and safety.  Courses are delivered to learners through our secure learning platform, and progress is monitored and recorded throughout.

Upon successful completion, a Certificate of Achievement is awarded to the learner, with a copy also issued to their organisation for retention.

Compliance & Legislation Essentials Compliance & Legislation Essentials

These six e-learning courses are essential for organisations who wish to remain compliant with basic workplace regulations and legislation.

Each course costs only £49 per learner or all 6 courses can be purchased in an ‘Essentials Pack’ for only £149 per learner.

GDPR Knowledge & Awareness

GDPR Knowledge & Awareness

Price: £49 plus VAT

GDPR Knowledge & Awareness (90 minutes) – This course helps ensure that organisations and their staff comply with the new Data Protection Act (GDPR) to avoid risk of fines and prosecution.

Desk and Device Ergonomics

Desk and Device Ergonomics

Price: £25 plus VAT

Desk & Device Ergonomics (15 minutes) – This course offers advice to minimise the health risks associated with working at a desk and using devices when mobile. Employees will be educated about best practice for setting up a workstation and safe use of their devices.

Driving Safely at Work

Driving Safely at Work

Price: £49 plus VAT

Driving Safely at Work (90 minutes) – This course helps companies comply with ISO 9001 and HSE legislation by providing ‘work drivers’ with knowledge and advice on safe driving and helping them understand their responsibilities.

Benefits Benefits

  • Learner results available for reference and analysis at anytime.
  • Stakeholders will quickly get up to speed on new legislation, processes and regulations.
  • Save money compared to conventional training.
  • Auto-save feature allows learners to work around other important or time-sensitive tasks.
  • Courses can be revisited at any time to ensure key information is always available.
  • Upon completion, you'll receive a downloadable certificate.

Process Process


Click the ‘Order Now’ button below or call 0800 404 7007 to place your order. You will then receive a request to supply a list of learner names and email addresses.

Every new learner will then be sent an email directly from BAB Learn, containing a link to sign in and enroll on their course.


Each course gives a clear indication of the average time that is required for completion. This allows adequate study time arrangements to be made and course completion deadlines to be set.

BAB Learn also has an autosave function, allowing learners to pause and resume courses without losing progress.


All learners are issued a certificate after completing the course.

Updates on learner progress can also be requested from the BAB Learn administration team.

In addition, we can grant ‘administrator’ rights to any nominated learner, allowing direct access to the ‘live reports’ dashboard.



You may decide to add additional learners, or courses, to your account once you have created your account.

To do this simply click the ‘Order Now’ button on this page or call 0800 404 7007 .