We create custom e-learning courses for you to share with your team.

Designed to be the perfect fit, our custom courses provide you with beautiful and bespoke content, tailored to the specific requirements of your organisation.


Increase Performance

Presenting vital business information in a clear and engaging way enables your team to understand the organisation's goals and how their role fits into that.

Motivate Team

Your team love to see you investing in their development, custom e-learning courses increase employee motivation and reduce employee turnover.

Effective ROI

Off the shelf training is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, customised training is fully aligned with your business making it more relevant and effective.

Our Delivery Approach

Step 1: Scope

We start by running several sessions to make sure we understand your exact requirements. This includes understanding your organisation, the issues you are trying to solve and the objectives you are trying to achieve.

Step 2: Design

Our team will come up with ideas around the design, structure and assessments. Working with you, we will fine tune this to create a learning experience that maximises staff knowledge.

Step 3: Build

During this process, we use engaging imagery to ensure the learning process is visually stimulating and our highly engaging interactive sections help support knowledge uptake.

Step 4: Test & Deploy

Here we proofread the content and test it technically to make sure all elements work as intended. Once ready, we'll work with you to deploy and roll out the training.

Why us?


We'll dance to the beat of your drum; tailoring each course to your brand and your content.


We have a wide range of interactive functions at our disposal to ensure learners stay engaged throughout the course.


Learners receive a certificate upon completion to demonstrate their knowledge.

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