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It’s not all doom and gloom for the future of natural resources, however. There are alternatives. From utilising these more renewable resources, to the difference individuals can make in an office, there are solutions which will have a noticeably positive impact.

Renewable and clean energy sources

The elements have the potential to cause incredible destruction – but they can also be harnessed to our benefit. These clean energy sources have the potential to keep us powered for a substantial time after more traditional resources run dry.

Solar Power – This type of energy is produced by the sun. It works by absorbing the power given off by solar rays via a system of specialist panels. These are often attached to the roofs of houses or buildings, which in turn generate power. Depending on the panels (PV or thermal) you choose, solar power can create electricity or heat.

Wind Power – The forerunner to this brand of energy production came in the form of the windmill. Today, gigantic turbines power generators without the need to tap into limited resources. Many do cite them as an eyesore, but large-scale farms have been set-up all around the British coastline.

Biomass – These are fuels made up of natural ingredients (such as wood substances and crop materials), and provide an environmentally healthy means of energy for businesses. Biomass is viewed as a carbon-neutral option, as when burned, it only releases the carbon it has previously absorbed.

Hydropower – Water flows through specially controlled gates to produce this form of energy, which is said to account for as much as 7% of the US' electrical generation. Again there are drawbacks to consider. This time around, it comes in the form of the potential for droughts to affect energy supply, as well as the fact water is not actually a completely renewable resource.

Energy saving ideas in the workplace

We’ve already looked at the overarching changes a workplace can make to ensure better environmental standards are met regarding a corporate approach. Here are some innovative ideas which can be carried out on a more human level.

Schemes and initiatives

As well as the basic steps you and your employees can take, there are a number of schemes which have been set up to help encourage everyone to have more of a positive impact from an environmental perspective. These include:

The beauty of the ISO 14001, is you’ll be guided through every step of the process to guarantee you don’t fall short of what’s being asked of you. As a nationally respected certification of environmental excellence, it’s a process worth entering into.

Source: BAB

Following some of these schemes will without question see you take a step in a positive direction.

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