SMEs’ Christmas Preparations



With Christmas fast approaching, preparations are likely to be in full swing! SMEs should plan ahead of the Christmas period to ensure they can be ready to jump into action into the New Year.

But what do SMEs need to think about during the run up to the busy festive period? The British Assessment Bureau offers some handy tips for you to consider, from sending e-cards, organising staff and decorations! We hope these points assist in your Christmas plans, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy the festivities.

What you should consider…

Take early action when planning your corporate holiday season so you have full control. Determine the key factors, such as employee annual leave, dates to close the office down, and so on. It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas!

Use previous years records as examples of levels of activity over Christmas periods, and how many employees were required to complete this work. This will help you plan, prioritise and ensure key people are available when required.

Competition is fierce around the Christmas period, so be sure to stand out from the crowd. This could include festive store windows, decorations or seasonal signage on company vehicles, enticing competitions for customers, and gifts sent out to your most important clients. And if you’re worried people that people’ won’t want to be bombarded by Christmas messages, Harvard Business Review found that it actually puts people in a better mood!

Use social media to create conversation with followers and fans and create a Christmas ‘buzz’ with interesting, relevant content. Schedule social media posts to be published over the Christmas period, ensuring you stay connected with followers and still appear on their timelines! HootSuite are the industry leaders in providing this service to businesses with active social media accounts.

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Consider adding Christmas graphics to your website such as festive banners, temporarily changing your colour scheme, edit your Call To Actions (CTAs) to make them more ‘Christmassy’ or even add Christmas themed landing pages.

Historically, February is the worst month for cash flow. Over the Christmas period, wages are still paid with sometimes little or no business in. It’s therefore important to keep on top of your debtors before the break; perhaps including an incentive to pay early if you’re having real issues. Likewise, ensure you invoice out on top or risk being quickly forgotten as the Christmas festivities get underway!

Are you considering sending cards to clients thanking them for their customer and that you are looking forward to continuing the relationship in 2016? Why not be environmentally friendly and send e-cards instead? Ensure that you have the best contact name and email address for each client to ensure that your good will message is not missed.

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