Escape the Owners’ Trap


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We are pleased to be part of a free event this March, aimed at helping business owners overcome the common hurdles when trying to grow their businesses.

Hosted by international business consultancy Business Doctors, attendees will be walked through the pitfalls many face, and crucially, how to overcome them. We will also be attending to show how ISO standards can help assist in helping business owners become more strategic by showing how robust processes make everyone’s job easier.

The morning event, being held in Maidstone, Kent is also a great opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. Attendees from all industries are welcome, with Business Doctors’ approach helping to transform 100s of business across the UK.

An Introduction to Business Doctors

Business Doctors is a national support network of experienced business people that are dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses (SME) fulfil their full potential. They have led, developed and helped transform hundreds of companies, across a spectrum of industries.


“Working with Business Doctors, we are now starting to see results that we didn’t think would be possible”

Jan Lord, Guide Bridge MOT Centre


A current key aim for Business Doctors is to help SME business owners escape from the Owners’ Trap.

What is the Owners’ Trap?

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time working in your business, rather than on your business? If so then you may be stuck in what is called the ‘Owners’ Trap’. This is where you (the owner) are too integral to the day to day running of the business.

This results in you being too deeply involved to strategically analyse the business from an objective view, not to mention being too time poor to capitalise on wider business opportunities.



As the owner, you need to be the one to take a step back and view your business holistically. It’s from this objective view that opportunities for growth can be found and strategic planning can begin. Don’t work for your business, get the business working for you.

Want to Escape the Owners’ Trap?

We’ve partnered up with Business doctors to set up a breakfast event where you will meet and discuss with SME experts from a range of industries. You will learn from them how to gain freedom in your business and escape the Owners’ Trap.

Thu 9 March 2017 – 07:30am – 10:00am – Maidstone, Kent

A key focus of the day will be on 8 drivers that build value in any business. You will learn why these 8 factors make a business valuable and how you can capitalise on them.

Key Benefits:
  • Immediately reduce the number of hours you spend in your business
  • Find out how sellable your business is (based on dozens of key sellability factors)
  • Learn strategies for automating, delegating and systemizing
  • Acquire simple tweaks you can make that will generate more cash flow
  • Have a business that’s more attractive to potential buyers and investors
  • Gain freedom!