National Tree Week 2015



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This year marks the 40th anniversary of National Tree Week in the UK, falling on Saturday 28th November to Sunday 6th December. Since 1975, National Tree Week has encouraged us Brits to celebrate our green surroundings and appreciate the importance of trees in our environment.

During National Tree Week, tree council organisations, schools, businesses and charities set up enjoyable tree-themed events for the public to be a part of. The aim of the annual event is for woodland areas to be kept in excellent health and can be enjoyed by future generations. Find out where your local National Tree Week events are taking place, and get ‘rooted in the community’.

Take corporate responsibility

Staggeringly, 1 tonne of non-recycled print and office paper requires 24 trees; proving that now more than ever, businesses should be considering their corporate environmental responsibilities. This could include monitoring and setting new goals for recycling rates, water usage and electricity expenditure. In order to not be subjective, it is recommended that business have impartial processes in place for all members of staff to follow.

This can be achieved by implementing the internationally recognised standard for environmental standards called ISO 14001, helping businesses formalise their green efforts. This standard provides a clear-cut approach to using less energy resources and reducing waste; ultimately helping organisations to save money and improve morale from achieving an internationally recognised accreditation.

Having an understanding and appreciation of your office’s local environment is an ideal opportunity to encourage your team to work together. Having plants in the office has been shown to reduce stress, provide cleaner air and even improve productivity! Likewise, planting trees outside isn’t just good for the environment; a study has shown that appropriately placed flora can reduce air conditioning needs by up to 30%.

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