Are We Green Enough Yet?



25 years ago climate change became a popular topic of conversation around the nation’s dining tables. No longer the preserve of green warriors and academics it becomes mainstream, in vogue with everyone suddenly wanting to do their bit.

Going ‘green’ turned out to be a goal for more and more organisations, especially when businesses realised just how much money could be saved. Everyone wanted to be green.

book-grey-transparent WHY BE GREEN? ISO 14001 proven to win new business

In 1996, The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) published the Environmental Management Standard (EMS), ISO 14001. The standard was designed to help organisations to improve their environmental performance by using their resources efficiently and by reducing waste. Once businesses could prove they met the criteria they were awarded their ISO 14001 certificate and started to reap even more benefits.

Since then thousands of businesses have ‘gone green’ and have the certificate to prove it. Good job too, because all public sector tenders and the majority of large private sector tenders now demand ISO 14001 as a minimum requirement. The fact is, if you don’t have ISO 14001 you can’t even pitch for the work.

book-grey-transparent DID YOU KNOW… Research proves green employees work harder

In the British Assessment Bureau’s (BAB) latest annual research, we found “that 58% of respondents said that their motivation to achieve ISO 14001 was that their clients were demanding evidence of compliance before they would trade with them’. This is up 42% from last year’s results.

A quarter of companies said they’ve won more business since achieving ISO 14001. 5% have been able to tender for work that was previously unavailable to them. Over 20% won more tenders.

But that isn’t all – businesses that have ISO 14001 also see:

  • Improved internal processes; more effective and efficient;
  • Reduced costs and far less waste is produced;
  • A feel good factor for everyone; owners, employers, customers and shareholders;
  • A happy financial director because bottom line figures are much better;
  • The marketing team love it because customers buy more from a green company;
  • The sales team are happy because they can now tender for more work;
  • Customers are happier because we’re greener and they like the feeling;
  • And the planet is happy too.


If you’d like to share in the benefits that come with being ISO 14001 certified, then give us a call on 0800 4047 007 or fill in an online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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