Help I Need Some More Clients, Now!



Since starting your business you’ve been acquiring clients; some profitable others not. Some nice to do business with others, well you know what I mean…..

We spend lots of time at work, so it’s great to work for clients that you like. Ones that respect you, pay you on time and value the contribution that you make to their business.

As you grow your company, you’ll want to attract the right type of client and make sure the right clients find you.

Here’s the plan…

Firstly, pull off a list of all of your clients and review the top 20%. What is it about them that makes them a good client for you?

Secondly look for a cluster of similar type businesses on the list. This is your niche; a small defined group of clients where you can develop a ‘specialist or expert’ status. This is your difference and you need to shout about it.

Let me demonstrate…

I recently worked with a bookkeeper who wanted more clients. Her list showed that she already worked for several dentists. She understood how the dental practices worked, how much support they’d need, how much it would cost the dentist and what resources she’d need in place.

This is what we did…

  1. Defined the geographical area she wanted and checked Yellow Pages or local directories for that area
  2. We made a list of every dental practice, and prioritised them for potential
  3. The list was split in chunks of 10 dentists at a time
  4. We called the first batch to find out who was responsible for accounts.
  5. Next we sent a snail-mail letter addressed to the right person which included the sales pitch ‘We are the specialist bookkeeper for dentists’, and a call to action; ‘call us to book a free consultation’. We also included a note to say that we would call later to ‘discuss their requirements’. Snail mail is a little more work and you have to pay for the stamp! But it’s become very effective because virtually everyone has swapped to e-mail. Receiving a letter gets noticed; you’ll be different.
  6. Have your free dates ready when you call. BE flexible; you might have to visit out of hours. Make the appointment, turn up and sell.
  7. How did it go? What worked and what didn’t? What do you need to change for the next batch?

You might hit the jackpot on the first attempt, so don’t send out hundreds of letters or emails. You won’t be able to follow them all up in time. What would you do if every dentist you approached called you to say they wanted you to do their books?

Shirley Mansfield is a Master Problem Solver and Author of The Grown-Up Business book.

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