ISO 9001: The Benefits


Benefits of ISO 9001


Each year, we survey our clients through an independent market research firm to ascertain what benefits they get out of holding ISO 9001 certification.

On the face of it, ISO 9001 is often recognised as a business winner – it’s often a pre-requisite to qualify for public sector contracts, or to work with major players in the private sector.

This is supported by the results of our survey, where 62% cited certification helping them to win new business – part of the reason why 96% would recommend ISO 9001 certification to others.

However, ISO 9001 was never developed to help organisations win new business; that’s merely been a consequence of certification to the standard being respected as a mark of trust and quality.

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The ethos behind the quality standard is to help you deliver a better service to your existing client base. As a result, we’re more encouraged by the 76% of clients who said implementation also helped them to improve how they work, with ISO 9001 helping to inspire efficiency changes and improvements to service.

A framework for quality

ISO 9001 is based around the simple Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) Cycle. It is intended to help your organisation set out a plan for delivering to the best of your ability. Not only the way that you do it, but what resources and training would be delivered in order to get the best possible outcome for the client.

PDCA Cycle

As a result, ISO 9001 is an ideal opportunity to take a step back and analyse what you could do better. As organisations grow, procedures can become inadequate, bureaucratic, repeated or completely unnecessary. Not only is this bad for you as an organisation, it can ruin the experience for the customer too.

ISO 9001 brings direction and accountability, because it helps set out what exactly is expected of people through defined objectives and processes, as well as metrics for actionable feedback.

Quite simply, implementing ISO 9001 shows you are delivering quality service by design, not by accident! With third-party certification to the standard, you can demonstrate to the world that you can do better.

Increase profits

Whilst it may not be as attention-grabbing as winning a new client, greater efficiency saves money – savings that go straight to the bottom-line. Tweaking sub-optimal processes, or removing unnecessary duplication also means your people can spend more time doing tasks that add value.

Using ISO 9001 as the opportunity to review how you do things is inevitably going to be good news for your clients. The results? Happy clients buy more, and recommend more.

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Improve communication

A benefit that isn’t paraded very often is how efficiency gains are good for the people in the business, too.

Having clarity on who’s responsible for what, when, why and how can only be a good thing; it’s exactly what ISO 9001 helps set out.

ISO 9001 also requires involvement. It’s therefore a great exercise to get input from staff on how processes can be improved for the good of everyone. By engaging staff and keeping them informed, they are able to bring forward issues that management may be unaware of, helping to reduce mistakes, unnecessary re-work and potential damage to the organisation’s reputation. This engagement leads to increased staff motivation and retention.

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