ISO 9001 is a Proven Business Winner



According to data from the British Assessment Bureau’s (BAB) independent 2015 Client Satisfaction Survey, 68% of respondents said that they had qualified for, or directly won business as a result of becoming certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard.

The survey, which was carried out by specialist market research organisation, Lake Market Research (LMR), showed that for many organisations, the prospect of winning more work was the primary motivation for implementing the standard. When asked, 60% said that they were being pushed towards certification, whilst 43% began the process because they felt they could win more business.

“As a result of having the certification we have got far more customers than we would without it; it brings in more money.” – Currie European Transport

ISO 9001 is recognised as global best practice for quality management. Starting life as QS 9000 in the 1970s, it grew from a British Standard to an internationally recognised ISO standard in 1987. Since then, public and private sector organisations have stipulated ISO 9001 certification when awarding contracts so they can ensure potential suppliers meet expectations.

ISO 9001 help’ improve internal management processes, leading to greater quality of work and increased customer satisfaction as a result. However, ‘improving internal processes’ was only the third most popular reason (27%) for seeking ISO 9001 certification, whilst 66% cited this as a benefit having achieved certification.

book-grey-transparent WHY ISO? Top 10 reasons to become ISO 9001 certified

The results of BAB’s Client Satisfaction Survey didn’t prove a surprise to BAB’s Chief Executive, Robert Fenn. He commented;

“ISO 9001 is a go-to standard for the public sector as it allows them to set a benchmark for potential suppliers. We’re delighted to hear it has helped our clients business, but just as pleased to see the hundreds of comments on how ISO 9001 has helped breathe new life into their businesses.”

“The benefit has been massive, before we got it we had nothing in place, it was a nightmare. It has stabilised the business, more than we thought it would.” – Mission Room Limited

ISO, who publish over 21,000 standards worldwide, commissioned their own survey in 2014 which showed that there over 40,200 ISO 9001 certificates were issued in the UK in that year. With 93% of BAB’s clients recommending the standard to other organisations, that figure looks set to increase.

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