SSIP – What’s It All About?



The advent of PAS 91 – a new standard aimed at bringing greater consistency in the specification of construction projects – refers to meeting the requirements of a Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) scheme. In this article, we explain its purpose, and how to achieve accreditation.

Who are Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP)?

Safety Schemes in Procurement – normally referred to as SSIP – was set up to act as an umbrella organisation to facilitate mutual recognition between health and safety assessment schemes. In theory, this means businesses like yours should only have to achieve one health and safety standard, rather than needlessly duplicate efforts in order to achieve another standard simply to satisfy a tender requirement.

Why is it asked for?

Of course, there is health and safety law that all businesses must meet. As the construction sector is particularly high-risk, a number of standards have existed over the years to help firms to manage their risk proactively, helping prevent injuries and manage costs.

Standards make life easier for buyers, as rather than question how to set out minimum requirements for health and safety, they can simply stipulate accreditation to a recognised standard. SSIP brings this all together, so by meeting one standard, you’re effectively meeting them all. To ensure effectiveness, SSIP only allows schemes that are recognised as fit for purpose.

Why become SSIP registered?

For those in the construction sector, demonstrating appropriate levels of health and safety management is practical, professional and mandatory. The bigger the contract, the more seriously you will be expected to take health and safety.

Once registered, your business will be able to be found by hundreds of potential buyers. Additionally, having SSIP registration means you will speed up registration with pre-qualification portals such as Altius, Chas, Constructionlin, Exor and SafeContractor.

Where does the British Assessment Bureau fit in?

One such ‘scheme’ recognised by SSIP is the OHSAS 18001 standard. Used throughout the world, it’s arguably the best known of all health and safety standards, and is all about creating a system to help manage your risks and meet legal requirements.

As a Certification Body, we can certify companies to OHSAS 18001 to satisfy the requirements of SSIP, therefore allowing you to register on their database.

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