What’s new with ISO 45001?

As with all new and revised ISO standards, ISO 45001 will follow the same common terminology and structure of Annex SL. This is the single major difference between OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001.

This structure represents up to 40% of any ISO management standard, and the framework will be familiar to OHSAS 18001 users.

The new ISO 45001 does not state specific criteria for OH&S performance, nor is it prescriptive about the design of an OH&S management system. An organization’s OH&S management system should be specific to meeting its own needs in preventing injuries and ill-health.

What’s changing?

Context of the organisation

With ISO 45001 using Annex SL, there becomes a much stronger focus on the context of an organisation. Based on CD2, organisations should not only consider what health and safety issues directly impact on them, but also take into account the wider society and how their work may impact on the surrounding communities.

Leadership and worker participation

With ISO 45001, the role of health and safety will not become the sole responsibility of the Health and Safety Manager. The standard expects OH&S aspects to be integrated into the structure of an organisation, ensuring buy-in from top management and greater employee contribution. Health and Safety needs to be become of your business strategy.

More emphasis on risk management

ISO 45001 adds the identification of OH&S opportunities and other opportunities, which addresses the need to act on any opportunities to enhance or improve the management system that come out of the hazard identification, risk assessment, and other activities of the organisation.

What’s improved?

  • Common terms and definitions will make life easier.
  • Reduced bureaucracy.
  • Better implementation, integration and maintenance of standards.
  • Easier to demonstrate the benefits of having robust management systems in place.

When will it be published?

  • The standard is at Draft International Standard (DIS) stage, for the second time.
  • The DIS will be available to download from May 19th
  • Comments will go to ballot, and decide the next stage.
  • The results of the ballot will determine the next stage. Publication could now be as early as November 2017 (if no FDIS is required), and as late as Q2 2018 if an FDIS is required
  • It will replace OHSAS 18001 and likely have a 3 year migration deadline.

How do I achieve certification?

Before we can issue certificates to the ISO 45001 standard, we will need to undergo an assessment with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

As one of the first Certification Bodies to achieve accreditation to the latest versions of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, will continue to seek to be at the forefront by adopting ISO 45001 as quickly as possible.

Once ISO 45001 is published officially, we will be able to share details on how those with OHSAS 18001 can migrate to the new standard and provide likely timelines for achieving ISO 45001 certification.

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