Impartiality Committee


Mark Cardnell –  CMIOSH, FIIRSM, FinstLM


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as Chairman of the Impartiality Committee and to provide an overview of the work of the Committee.


The Impartiality Committee membership are made up from representatives from relevant stakeholders, with a committee elected Chairperson independent of the British Assessment Bureau. The structure of the committee has a balance of interest where no one group member predominates. The members are independent professional people who will carry out reviews and oversight of all relevant management certification activities.


The committee’s objectives are to ensure continuous improvement, Eliminating or minimising potential threats and to further ensure that conflicts of interest do not exist that could adversely influence the activities of the awarding body.


The committee members are a highly qualified, experienced and subject matter experts in their field and have been afforded unrestricted access to all information necessary for them to fulfil their functions.   


The committee is controlled by a strict code of conduct and aims to: (but not limited to);

  • Keep track of any internal or external issues, policies and business updates.
  • Review risk analysis reports
  • Impartiality audits
  • Review of certifications granted, suspended or withdrawn
  • Review of complaints
  • Review of appeals
  • Review of management information
  • Review of changes in policy
  • Promote open and transparent service provision leading to customer confidence