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Today, the Government has announced householders in England and Wales can obtain £100s of cash back for energy saving home improvements starting the 28th January, 2013 thanks to a £125m investment.

The Green Deal initiative is to transform the UK market for energy efficiency, and will help both homes and businesses pay for related improvements, such as insulation, through expected savings on their energy bills. The first-come, first-served offer means householders quick off the mark could get as much as £1,000 cash back.

Energy Secretary Edward Davey commented:

“The Green Deal will provide unprecedented choice for consumers wanting to improve their homes and make them more energy efficient. This cash back offer will help get the Green Deal off to a flying start. It really is a great offer – the more work households have done, the more energy they stand to save and the more cash they receive.”

“The Green Deal also presents a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of this transforming market – and now is a critical time. Whatever your business does in this sector, the Green Deal will have an impact. So I say to businesses large and small – gear up, get training and get ready to take advantage of the Green Deal.”

Opportunities for the energy efficiency sector

The key to getting cash back is to have an authorised Green Deal Auditor carry out an assessment of your property, followed by the fitting some of or all of the recommended energy efficient solutions. A Green Deal Provider will then arrange the installation of said improvements.

To become an authorised Auditor, Provider or Installer to the scheme involves fulfilling a certain amount of requirements. These can be found on the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body website. If you are already a Domestic Energy Auditor (DEA), then becoming a Green Deal Auditor will be fairly straight-forward.

A main requirement is having a Quality Management System (QMS) in place.

For more general information on the Green Deal, visit the official website

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