The 2016 BAB Client Survey

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A sample of 300 clients were selected at random from a population of almost 2,000 clients that had completed their ISO certifications. Clients were contacted on our behalf via telephone interviews administered by Lake Market Research throughout March 2016.

The majority (67%) of clients contacted were classed as ‘Small’ (0-20 employees), had achieved ISO 9001 as their sole standard (59%) and were ‘established’ (76%).

Why BAB?

Whilst the majority of our clients find us via a Google Search (58%), over a quarter (26%) of clients come to us upon recommendation. Clients say the chose us based upon our competitive pricing (37%), reputation (39%) and the quality of service offered (39%).

Overall satisfaction

Clients were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with BAB on a scale from 1 – 10, where 10 is totally satisfied and 1 is totally dissatisfied. Of the 300 respondents, 67% rated their satisfaction as 9 or 10, 29% at 7 or 8, and just 4% rated 6 or below.

Of the clients that scored 8 or above, reasons for high satisfaction included (among others): the advice and knowledge given (45%), general high quality service (31%), and quality of the Auditor (19%). Of those scoring 7 or under, clients stated ‘clearer communication’ (33%), ‘more consistency in Auditors’ (21%) and ‘more regular contact’ (17%) as aspects for further improvement.

Satisfaction with pre-defined service elements

Aside from overall satisfaction, clients are also asked to rate their satisfaction with different elements of the service. Whilst satisfaction remains high across the board, there were some reductions in satisfaction when compared with 2015 results (see Chart 1). Significant reductions are apparent in terms of ‘convenience of appointments’, ‘quality of information provided by the Centre Team’, and ‘clarity of what is required of the customer’.

The full report for our 2016 Client Satisfaction Survey, including results and client feedback will follow in the next few days.

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Written by Mark Nutburn

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