Money-back Guarantee

Over the last 12 months the British Assessment Bureau has received a high volume of calls from company’s who have had their ISO certification rejected during a tendering process. Unfortunately, the trend has been with certificates issued by non-UKAS Certification Body, and to make matters worse the companies are locked into a long term contract (10 years in some cases) even though it has failed them in one of it’s key purposes.

The British Assessment Bureau holds accreditation with UKAS, the government backed Body for the United Kingdom, and therefore has 100% confidence that any certificates they issue with the official ‘crown and tick’ will be recognised throughout the supply chain and for all tendering purposes. So clients can feel assured that the value of their certificate is as strong as they claim, the British Assessment Bureau has decided to issue a full refund if any accredited certificate issued by themselves fails to be accepted, and their efforts in rectifying the decision are not successful within 14 days.

Managing Director, David Fenn, is pleased to be able to go one step further for his customer’s ‘We have pried ourselves on Customer satisfaction since 1969 and it is a terrible shame every time I hear about a company feeling let down and even hoodwinked by a non-UKAS Certification Body. So to be as transparent as possible and back up the authentication and strength of our certificates, we have decided to take our commitment to clients one step further than any other Certification Body has to date’.

For further information on the Money-Back guarantee please call an award winning certification advisor on 0800 404 7007 or visit .