Certification Process

1.  So we can get the process underway quickly, with or without a management system in place, we will complete a Stage 1 audit and produce a gap analysis to highlight the areas of non-conformance against your chosen ISO standard.

2. If you don’t have a management system you will now need to build one, which can be done using the toolkit we provide free of charge within our client area.

3. Once you have built your management system and rectified the non-conformances we highlighted during the Stage 1 audit, we will return to complete a Stage 2 audit.

4.  Upon passing the Stage 2 audit, we will issue your certificate within 7 days.

We want you to move through these stages as quickly and smoothly as possible, so we will stay in touch with you throughout the whole process. You will also have access to our helpline (open during office hours) and our client area which contains various webinars, describing key elements of your chosen ISO standard.