Money-Back Guarantee

The British Assessment Bureau holds accreditation with UKAS, the only government-backed Body for ISO certification in the United Kingdom.

The UK Department for Business specifically states ”The only ‘authoritative statement’ of competence, that has public authority status – providing the last level of control in the conformity assessment chain is from the UK’s national accreditation body, UKAS”.

This will hopefully explain why BAB is 100% confident that any ISO certificate issued with the UKAS ‘crown and tick’ mark, will always be recognised throughout the supply chain and for all tendering purposes. To also provide our clients the same level of confidence, we issue every UKAS accredited certificate with a market leading ‘money-back guarantee’, so if it fails to be accepted and our efforts in rectifying the decision are not successful within 14 days, a full refund will be issued for the original certification costs plus surveillance fees accrued during that cycle.

CEO, Jonathan Chapman, is pleased to be able to go one step further for clients of the British Assessment Bureau; ‘During my former appointment as Chief Executive of a non-UKAS Certification body, it was standard practice to check if the certification would meet the client’s needs, as unfortunately on many occasions it wouldn’t. However, I am proud to say the situation is different here at the British Assessment Bureau due to the strength of UKAS accreditation. Our clients have the security that every certificate we issue is guaranteed to meet their needs home and abroad, now and in the future!’.


For further information on our ‘Money-Back Guarantee’ please call a certification advisor on 0800 404 7007.