Kent CIPD 2016 Conference


The British Assessment Bureau will be attending the Kent CIPD 2016 conference, ‘Multifaceted HR’, which promises to be a varied and engaging day with something for all HR practitioners – taking place on Tuesday 1st March.

BAB’s Operations Director, Samantha Hicks is among the delegated speakers on the day and will be explaining how tried and tested management tools, including ISO 9001, can benefit businesses.

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We all know that we are only as good as our people and processes and that as organisations grow, business managers must have the ability to delegate what should be done by who, how and when they would like tasks completed. But how can they learn to release some of their responsibilities and how can they be sure that tasks are completed to their high quality standards?

Samantha will be discussing how developing business management skills within organisations can be compared to a chef’s secret recipe… She explains, “The simple answer is that we need the recipe so that responsibility is shared and consistency maintained. Many great chefs talk about cooking by ‘taste’. That’s fine – but it’s not sustainable if they want to open a restaurant and take a day off!”

There are tools to help provide a base for developing strong management policies, procedures and standards – including the internationally recognised Quality Management Standard, ISO 9001.

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Samantha continues;

“To manage a successful business that has a ‘get it tight first time’ philosophy, we need structure and support. As HR professionals we need to be able to present solutions to the problems. Effective business management does not happen by accident. If it’s happening in your organisation, then it’s bound to have happened in someone else’s before. Using techniques that have been developed by hands on business managers can be one of the vital differences that separates the business that can continue to grow and flourish from those that rise and fall.”

The British Assessment Bureau look forward to attending and exhibiting at the event, offering sound business management advice to attendees and CIPD members. Don’t miss Samantha’s discussion (session 4) from 2:45pm – 3:45pm in the ‘Engage’ division of the day.

Want to find out more before the event? Free phone 0800 404 7004 to speak to an ISO specialist or complete a quick online enquiry form. Join the conversation online with @TheBABOfficial and @KentCIPD, and by using the hashtag #multifaced2016.

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