Promoting ISO Certification

Once you’ve achieved certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 or OHSAS 18001, it’s important you shout about it!

If you’re unsure how to promote and market your ISO and OHSAS achievements, we are here to help. Our experienced, dedicated Marketing team will be able to assist you with letting your clients, prospects, staff, shareholders, etc. know about your new awarded certifications.

Why promoting your certification is so important

Now you’ve been awarded your ISO certification, it’s essential that the word of your achievements is spread to clients, prospective clients and competitors alike. It’s in your best interest to let as many people know about your update, as new opportunities will be sure to arise as a result of the certification.

One area that ISO certification makes a clear impact on is how people perceive your organisation, so you must take full advantage of marketing and promoting the achievements and processes you now have in place.

How we can help you

Our Marketing department will be able to help you prepare the following:

  • Press releases;
  • News articles;
  • Internal and external email updates;
  • Appropriate social media updates;
  • Local / national press tips.

This service comes at no extra cost, as our main aim is to witness all of our clients succeed through their awarded certifications.