Public information

  1. Certificate, certification and scope

1.1 Certificate Granting:
Once the Client has satisfied the requirements of their chosen Assessment BAB shall agree the Scope with the Client and as evidence of compliance BAB will issue a Certificate to the Client.

1.2 Changes to Scope:
If the Client wishes to change its Scope at any time then a further Assessment by BAB would be required, subject to additional fees (as notified by BAB) being payable by the Client to BAB.

1.3 Continued Certification:
To maintain their Certification, the Client must undergo Surveillance Assessments (at least annually and otherwise at such frequency as BAB determines) at an additional cost (as determined and notified by BAB) or as outlined in the Proposal.

1.4 Recertification Assessments:
These special Surveillance Assessments must be conducted on or prior to the third anniversary of the Certification Grant and shall form part of a review of the ongoing effectiveness of the Client’s systems and any trends that have been identified over the three year period of surveillances.

1.5 Reduced, Suspended or Withdrawn Certification:
In the event that a Client’s Certification is reduced in Scope, suspended or withdrawn, the Client must ensure that its use of all advertising matter that contains a reference to its Certification is withdrawn and discontinued as soon as practicably possible and such action is confirmed in writing to BAB.

2. Logo

2.1 “Certification Mark” means the proprietary mark, stamp, logo, badge or symbol which BAB allows the Client to display under licence and subject to copyright protection.